Hello! Mabuhay! Welcome to Love, Filipino Food. Consider this a love letter from your favorite Filipino foods.

I’m Maryanne. I’m the author and photographer behind Love, Filipino Food. You may better know me from my dessert and baking blog The Little Epicurean.

This site is dedicated to Filipino food! It will showcase a combination of classic traditional recipes as well as modern interpretations of Filipino cuisine.

Why focus on Filipino food?

My parents were both born in the Philippines. They immigrated to the United States in the 70s. Out of all my first cousins, I’m the only first generation American.

While I was born and raised in California, Tagalog (Filipino) was my first language. I grew up eating a mixture of Filipino foods sprinkled with the diverse array of Asian foods available in my neighborhood.

I ate rice everyday until I went away for college.

Since leaving home, growing up, getting married, and starting a family- I have become interested in learning more about the foods of my parents and ancestors.

There are sites decided to all sorts of food and cuisines. I want to share my love for Filipino food with other Filipino-Americans and introduce this vast and eclectic cuisine to others that may not be familiar with it.

Why start a new blog in 2020?

After the birth of my son, I wanted to document the foods of my childhood. One day, when he is ready to leave the nest, I want him to be able to cook the foods of home.

This blog will feature family recipes as well as modern interpretations of classic Filipino recipes. I hope these family recipes will not be forgotten. I would like them to be remembered and passed to future generations.

What will I find on this blog?

On this website, I will share classic Filipino recipes like adobo and singigang. There will also be an assortment of modern takes on classic Filipino flavors.

Future sections will include in-depth information on ingredients, cooking techniques, and food preparations.

You call that Filipino food? That’s not how my mom or grandma makes it!

Cooking is subjective. The recipes shared here reflect the recipes I was taught by family and friends.

The Philippines is comprised of over 2,000 islands (close to 7,000 but not all are inhabited). These islands are divided into three main groups: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. While some recipes are similar region wide, many recipes differ from place to place.

The recipes here are the derived from the ones I grew up eating in Southern California. They may be different from what you are used to.

Perhaps the chicken adobo you ate had coconut milk. Or, the arroz caldo you enjoy includes saffron. Maybe your pork barbecue recipe includes 7-up, Sprite, or Coca-Cola. Whatever the variation, please understand that the recipes shared here are simply MY intrepretation of the dish.

Like any other cuisine, there is not one definitive recipe for a dish.